5 Stages of Running When You Love/Hate Running

So, I am a fairly new runner, I started running about 2 years ago when I decided I was going to make a new lifestyle change and I thought running was a good step. I have definitely had my fair share of challenges but we actually just completed a 8Km race to the top of the tallest mountain in Ukraine! But as someone who calls herself a “wannabe runner” who has a love/hate relationship with running, I have realized that I go through several stages every time I run. (If you have a love/hate relationship with running too, add these to your collection!) Whether you are an experienced runner or just beginning, these stages are the rollercoaster we have all experience while running.

I’ve got this

“I am going to rock this race.” I feel like this every time I walk up to a starting line. The adrenaline you get when you are at a starting line with all these people who love to run makes you just feel ready to go. Usually you have your phone playing pump up music and you are feeling the rush. Once the race starts, you are off like a light and feeling great.


This is hard but I can push through

This occurs right around your first uncomfortable moment, or for me if I need to break my concentration. Once this happens I start to feel the pain of my body but will push through because “This is what I trained for”.


I can’t do this, I’m dying

I feel like death. Usually this is the point when I start walking or slowing down my pace. Everything hurts. Every other runner is flying past me and I look like a fan just cheering him or her on. This is the point where I dream of the fetal position and sleeping forever.

You can see the death behind our eyes…

I am going to finish this race or die trying

This is the moment you decide if you are going to quit. At this point my mantra becomes “you will either fall down dead or you will finish this race”. This is the hardest point because you have to push past all the mental blockages you have and force one foot in front of another.


When can I do the next one?

That last stage can last awhile until you can see and are inches away from the finish line. At this point that adrenaline from stage one usually kicks back in and you sprint to the line. You feel proud and excited to finish this race.

I have always felt self-conscious about my body and even though I go through these feelings, every race the last stage makes it worth it to me. Do you agree with me? Is there something I missed? Put it in the comments!

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