Six Places You Should Definitely Visit in 2018!

A new year is definitely time for new adventures!! Here are some of our top places to go in 2018 that have been travel approved by us!!

Prague, Czech Republic

Looking to travel Europe but are someone who is on a budget? Prague is definitely the place to hit up. From its beautiful architecture, to the sights and sounds you are definitely going to want to check it out. It also has a astronomical clock that has been working since 1410. Also if you are a food lover make sure try the goulash and grab a Pilsner beer. We personally recommend traveling during the Christmas season in order to see the markets and enjoy some yummy hot mulled wine.

Lucerne, Switzerland

If you have a love affair with mountains like we do that go to Lucerne. Its is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been. Traveling up Mt. Pilatus, walking around the beautiful lake, or treating yourself to Swiss fondue, or chocolate, Lucerne should definitely be on your list.

North Shore, Oahu

When traveling to Oahu it is important to know that the best parts are outside of Honolulu. One place we definitely recommend is the North Shore, it has beautiful beaches and delicious places to eat. One of our favorites is a small restaurant called Opal Thai. Located in an old strip mall this place holds some of the best Thai food we have ever eaten. They have some of the most fun beaches on the island, filled with surfers and snorkeler, it is a great place for adventure.

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island State Park Sign

Sometimes it is important to pull away from the technology world and focus on relaxation and enjoy the peace of the place you are in, and no place is better than Mackinac Island. A small island located in Michigan, it have no cars so everyone travels on bikes, or horse. Relax with a cup of tea on one of the many B&Bs and enjoy the quiet and beauty of a place lost in time.

Disney World, Florida

I think it is important to never take yourself to seriously. Finding that inner kid can help with that spiritual and emotional wellness. So in honor of you six year old self, get back to Disney world! Go on rides, laugh way to loud, and watch the fireworks with audible oohs and awes. Also get your a photo will Mickey Mouse and your younger self will thank you. Planning a trip for a place that big can be intimidating, we are here to help!

Lviv, Ukraine

Okay so we have pulled away from technology with Mackinac, found your inner child at Disney, explored historic places in Prague, and experiences the scenery in Lucerne, now it’s time to push outside of your comfort zone. Ukraine is beautiful, inexpensive, and filled with history. Explore Lviv, one of the popular visited spot in Ukraine, or maybe take a quick trip to see the tunnel of love. Any way go see this place, push yourself outside of your comfort zone and go to a place you might have never thought of visiting. You will thank yourself.

So let 2018 be the year of adventures. Let 2018 be the year of travels. Is there any place you are planning to visit or you recommend to visit in 2018? Let us know in the comments!!

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