Quirky Turkey Thanksgiving Workout

Having a Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t have to stop the workout. We understand and also celebrate cheat meals every now and again but this fun turkey inspired Thanksgiving workout will hopefully have you right back on track! Maybe after a nap…and some more pie…. You can do all of theses exercises in one workout or pick and choose which pieces you like. (If any of these exercises are unknown to you, check here for good explanations!)

The Legs (repeat x3)

  1. Calf Raises with bird weight (x25)
    1. Hold a turkey and feel the burn! If you want an extra challenge you can do this activity on a small ledge (it increases the degree and weight you have to pull up).
  2. Sumo Squats (x20)
    Do it in front of the oven to make sure the pie doesn’t burn
  3. Curtsy lunges (x20 total so x10 each leg)
    A great way to greet your guests!

The Thighs (repeat x3)

For these activities lay on the ground on your side. Your legs should be slightly stacked on top of each other. For a higher challenge you can add resistance bands.

  1. Side Bikes (x10 each side)
    Use the top leg to pedal your leg like a bike, do ten times forward and the bike backwards
  2. Side circles (small and big)  (x10 each leg)
    Use the top leg and create small circles with your top leg, circle in one direction and then the opposite. Then do it again but this time with big circles.
  3. Taps (x10 each leg)
    You are almost done!! Last use the top leg and tap in front of your other foot and behind your other foot. Feel the burn, love the burn just don’t burn the turkey.

The Breasts (and back) (repeat x3)

  1. Push ups Optional: use a long straw to drink mulled wine (multitasking burns calories!)
  2. Supermans
  3. Reverse push ups

The wings (aka the arms)(repeat x3)

  1. Tricep Dips
  2. Bicep Curls with Cranberry sauce cans
  3. Down Dog push ups (x10)
    Go into a down dog position. This is a killer shoulder workout.
  4. Shoulder touch planks (1 minute)
    Go up into a high plank for a minute and alternate touching your opposite shoulder with your hand.

The whole turkey and maybe some mashed potatoes too! (repeat x3)

  1. Burpees
  2. Up/Down Planks (1 min)
    Start in either a high or low plank and then switch to the other plank without letting your legs touch the ground.
  3. Jumping Jacks

You can do a before, during, or after workout or choose which works best for you.  The best part is making this workout your own, if you don’t want a leg then don’t. If you need more wellness ideas make sure to check out our wellness page for tips! Hopefully this helps your  Thanksgiving gu(il)t.