Ukraine: Best Spaces, Cheapest Places

Surprisingly, one of the cheapest and most under traveled countries in Europe right now is Ukraine. Ukraine has many places to see and it is extremely cheap to travel there. If you want mountains, beaches, AND old cities all in one vacation, Ukraine is definitely the place to experience all of this!


To travel and vacation in the capital (which is the most expensive city in Ukraine) you will spend about 30 US dollars a day! That includes food, housing, and transportation. You also can try some of the delicious coffee and food that Ukraine has to offer. One of our favorite places to see is the Maidan Square in the center of Kiev. There is also some delicious food. One of our favorite restaurants in Kiev is called Milk Bar! For two people, including delicious iced coffee, and two courses it cost 5 US dollars! You can also live the life of luxury on a budget, this entire VIP studio apartment is only $56!

Ukraine has a lot more to offer than its capital city!  Outside of Kiev, it is even cheaper. Here are a few more of the beautiful places and spaces to visit in Ukraine.


Rivne is a beautiful city that is right by the famous Tunnel of Love! This tunnel is on most travel bucket lists but is still considered undiscovered as it may have 10 visitors a day. There is also a lot more to see in Rivne as well. There is a ton of parks with beautiful sculptures as well as a Ferris wheel in the center of their biggest park. Come for the Tunnel and stay for the rest Rivne has to offer. However, we currently live in Rivne so we are a little biased 😉 Do look us up if are ever in town!


Lviv is sometimes called the “Heart of Ukraine”. The architecture is extremely Western European but without the Western Europe prices! The city is full of history and culture with plenty of tours and activities everywhere you go. They are also well known for their coffee and chocolate. Stop by an underground coffee mine and have a brulee coffee or maybe stop at their famous chocolate shop? If you are someone who is trying to maintain your figure while traveling there are tons of great views at the end of the staircase. What more could you ask for?


In Eastern Ukraine about two hours from the capital you will find the city of legends. This mainly Russian speaking city does not get many tourists and that is good news for you! That means you get the real experience of being in Ukraine without the tourist traps. Chernihiv is known for their churches. They have half dozen beautiful, giant churches. One of the “younger” churches there is a mere 800 years old. There are even ancient, haunted, underground churches that are available for tours. These underground spaces are known for having “very positive spiritual energy” and with them only costing 50 cents USD it is a hard deal to pass up!


Beaches might not be the first thing that come to mind when you think of Ukraine, but do not be fooled! Southern Ukraine, especially Odessa, sits on the Black Sea and has some beautiful beaches. This area of Ukraine is a bit more frequented by tourists, which means there are some nice hotels and even resorts for a fraction of the price you would pay in other countries.


If you are not much of a beach person (like us) there are other activities for you in Ukraine! The Carpathian Mountains are located on the south west side of Ukraine and are considered to be among the most beautiful places to visit in Ukraine. Try hiking the tallest mountain in Ukraine, or skiing on some of the most beautiful slopes tucked away from the rest of the world, or maybe you just want to camp and get back into nature. This region is the one for you, and Ivano is only a short ride from the mountains if you want to grab a delicious beer and dinner after a long hike, I recommend trying one of the Ukrainian specialties- borsch! It is very delicious! This beautiful three bedroom cabin in the mountains on AirBnB is less than $100 a night!

Definitely put Ukraine on your travel list before other people find out about it! And while you are here make sure to come say hi!


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