How is Your Emotional Health?

What is emotional health and how does it differ from the other forms of wellness that we have discussed in our earlier articles like this or like this?

Emotional wellness is making sure your mind and heart are being taken care of as much as you are taking care of your physical body. This, more than any other wellness can lead to very unhealthy lifestyle choices, i.e. weight gain, depression, and loss of enthusiasm for life. Emotional wellness includes increased awareness, expression and acceptance of a wide range of thoughts and feelings in yourself and in others. Emotional wellness also helps you to obtain positive self-esteem, healthy relationships, and mental and emotional resistance to challenges you might face in life.

While traveling, but also in every aspect of life, this is important. Emotional wellness can sometimes be difficult to recognize and even harder to understand if you are on the right track. Luckily for you, we have created a quick quiz to help you decide if you are on the right wellness path!


Can you trust yourself? If something happens do you trust your gut?
Yes or No

Are you able to tell someone no? Are you able to stay home when people try to peer pressure you to go out?
Yes or No

Do you understand and treat yourself kindly when you make a mistake?
Yes or No

Do you try to find balance, a nice balance between work and play?
Yes or No

Can you realize when you have limitations and know when to ask for help?
Yes or No

Do you try to further improve your understanding of life?
Yes or No

Do you take time to do something for yourself? (This does not include: Working, Sleeping, or any other task that you NEED to do)
Yes or No

Do you understand the need to learn and develop yourself further?
Yes or No

Did you answer yes to more than 6 of these questions? Then congrats, you are headed in the right direction towards emotional wellness! If not, don’t worry, below we include a couple tasks you can do to try to improve and strengthen those heart and mind muscles! 🙂  

Try new things

Emily and Aaron try kayaking!

  • Make time for important hobbies
  • Take personality tests
  • Take a class
  • Go somewhere different than usual

Expand your mind

  • Read, listen to podcasts, or Ted Talks, etc.
  • Learn about new topics or just learn more about yourself. By allowing yourself to search and learn, you allow your mind to grow and develop a deeper understanding of yourself.

Learn to set boundaries

Learn to say no. This is much easier said than done but learning what your boundaries are is important. It is important because you lose the ability to focus on your own life, and you begin to live for other people. This can become dangerous because it becomes easy to build up animosity for other people when you always do what they want, need, and do not make time for yourself. Creating boundaries allows you to maintain healthy relationships with others as well as with yourself.

These are just a few of the many ways you can improve your emotional wellness. If you would like more ways to maintain emotional help, check out this article here.  Do not be afraid to find your own ways and make sure to share them in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “How is Your Emotional Health?

  • Yeah!!! A new post!!! May you two travelers continue on your journey towards health and wellness!!! Missing you! ( that’s a given)
    At yoga this morning, my sweet Emily Rose 🌹, you were present in my visualization…with three other very significant others in my life!!! Always good to see you!! !btw I passed also…Hi Jackie! Good for us!!! And hugs to Aaron also!!! Peace!!!!!!

  • I passed the quiz!!!! I will say that in my younger days, most of my answers would have been “no”. I think the older I get the more I realize every day, minute, moment is very precious. LOVE the posts!!

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