Best Stair Workouts with a View in Lviv

As our loyal readers know, we enjoy working out on the go. And if you are new to our site, make sure to check out our best tips for staying fit while traveling!  We recently went on a day trip to the beautiful city of Lviv. Lviv is located in western Ukraine and is known for its historical structures combined with its modern urbanism. We thought that while visiting this beautiful city it was going to be hard to get a workout in but as you know in traveling, flexibility and opportunity is key! Luckily for us, Lviv has some beautiful views (if you are willing to work for them). Here we have created a list of the top three spots for stair workouts with some of the best views in Lviv.

Fort/City Hall- The Historic

The City Hall stairs were the first ones we trudged up and it was a dizzying climb. Climbing the tall slender tower meant stairs that were small and had quick turns. The last 6 or so sets of stairs were higher than the rest which allows you to get in more of a butt workout as well as cardio. Climbing this historic tower will cost you 10 UAH which is about 40 cents USD. Furthermore, it offers beautiful views from within the heart of the city, which makes those stairs definitely worth it!

House of Legends- The Quirky

This one isn’t as high up as the other two, but what you find on top of this historic building is still worth the time. Narrow staircases and a crowded restaurant all the way at the top of this six-story building is what you’ll find. Once on the roof, there is yet another staircase leading to the upper roof. On the top of the roof is a “flying car”, a stone man sitting on a chimney, as well as a second chimney you can climb into yourself! This was off beat and definitely worth it! To add to the fun, this one is totally free unless you feel like eating there.




High Castle- The Scenic

This is the highest point in Lviv and it was well worth the climb. It starts with a steep walk up side streets to get to the stairs. From that point it is a combination of steep uphill walks and stairs up to the lookout point over the city.  You can go during the day or at night. We went at dusk so we could see the city illuminated and it was breathtaking!


Overall, Lviv is a beautiful city and definitely worth your time and effort to experience the view. If you are a traveler on the go trying to stay healthy, remember to take the stairs!! 🙂

What was the most worthwhile stair climb you have done for a pretty view?