10 Paths to Spiritual Health

“Wait I don’t understand. What does spiritual health have to do with you two losing 100 pounds?” I’m glad you asked mysterious creature from the internet void the honest answer is everything. So often we as a society focus on only the physical aspect of getting healthy, workout and eating right. But if you don’t have an overall wellness change then those physical changes are not sustainable. Gaining weight is so much more than just a physical experience, we eat when we are emotional, bored, or in social situations. The more bogged down our soul becomes, the more we consume, and the easier it becomes to find excuses to not workout. This then becomes a cycle that spirals out of control.

In our last blog post “Spiritual Books You Can Read in a Day” we discussed how books can help open your eyes (spiritually). But there are so many more ways to get in tune with your spiritual self than just reading. Here is a list of our top 10 ways to get spiritually healthy!

Go Outside

Why is this important for your spiritual health? Nature and being outdoor has a way of reconnecting you to the earth and finding the strength within it. Your soul can become strained if it feels confined for too long. Going outside helps to allow your soul to feel more free. Find a new forest or trail to explore or maybe just go hang out in a park for awhile.  Redwood Forest


Reading is fundamental and can really help when you just need to focus and find some inspiration. Read some of the greats. Find a book that really taps into your soul, some of my favorite spiritual books you can find here.

Listen to Music

Find something that touches your soul.Listening to music can help readjust your thoughts. I find that music helps put me in the right mindset when it comes to getting ready for all of the other aspects of listening to yourself. For example, I will turn on some good music and go for a walk outside. This helps me focus internally on myself instead of getting lost in the external part of the world. Spotify has some really wonderful playlists when it comes to getting yourself in a relaxed state.View of Hawaii Mountain


Take time in silence. The world is a business place filled with noise and allowing yourself to focus internal can help you tap into any excess negative spiritual buildup you might have.  Are you new to mediating? There are some great apps like Calm or Buddify that can help someone who is new to mediate. Step by step guided meditations are offered by both, and both are fantastic.

Go People Watch

Understanding how small I am in this world really helps me see the reality of my soul. It is so easy to get caught up in what is happening in your own life but really allowing yourself to be connected in the world can allow you to feel the sonder of people around you.Bird and Boat

Tap into Your Childlike Side

It is important to not take yourself too seriously. We always have so much pressure to grow up that we forget how important and beautiful the simplicity of a child can be. Allow yourself to be silly, walk on the curb and try to balance, spin around really fast, color a picture. Do something that makes the child in you proud.

Write It Out

Sometimes our soul can be blocked with what I call “real world slug”. It can be hard to clean out all of those blockages, sometimes writing it out can help you find the source of the problem. For me, I just start by writing, anything.It doesn’t even have to make sense, and slowly I find a reoccurring theme. I keep coming back to something that can seem insignificant but turns into being a source of the problem.

Do Something You Love

“I don’t have time.” Sorry, but this is bullshit. It is important to do something you love. So often we have pressure from society to always work, and we lose the ability to do something we really love. For me, it’s cooking and listening to music. I don’t always have time but I try to make time a few times a week. I love it and it allows time for me to focus on something because of my internal want and not societal pressure on me.  

Cherry tree blooming

Make Yourself Laugh

I think I’m hilarious. Now, I know that sounds weird but the concept of liking yourself and accepting yourself can be really challenging. Now do I always like myself? No, but it is important to TRY. Try to be gentle with yourself and like I said, this is a good thing to try. Try to make yourself laugh, enjoy the comfortability of yourself.

Listen and Breathe

If your response to this one is, “I’m doing that right now, as I’m reading this” you do not understand this one and I highly suggest trying it. Unlike mediating that is focused completely internal and unlike people watching that is completely external, this is the combination of both. Feel where you are and be presence, think about where you fit in the universe and realize the importance you place and the importance others place as well.Hammocking by the ocean

Bonus: Travel

Now I understand that this can be challenging for some people but if you have the means, do it. Traveling allows you to see the world, how big it is, how big it is, and where you fit in it. Traveling can help you change how you see yourself and you place in the world. If you don’t have the means to travel, do not worry! We will talk about some cheap ways to travel on our website in the coming months so stick around! In the meantime, if you need to get your travel fix, you can check out our tips for a fantastic Mackinac Island vacation here!

If you are curious about some workout exercises we use to physical wellness please check out our article “How We Lost 100lbs While Traveling“. Is there anything that you do to clean up your soul? Comment in the section below to let us know!!

5 thoughts on “10 Paths to Spiritual Health

  • I had to smile at your list of spiritual books … The Prophet (from which I did a reading on”Children” at your parents’ wedding), The Little Prince, The Four Agreements, Tuesdays … These are among my most cherished books. Generation to generation, each book continuing to touch lives and make a difference. YOU, your vibrant spirit, caring heart, and your amazing adventure and journey, touch lives and make a difference there and here. You are both a true inspiration!!!! My heart is with yours. Love you!!

    • We are actually in a city of 250,000 people! But don’t get me wrong, I do love some beets and potatoes!

  • Aaron….(& Emily)…just want you to know that I look forward to checking out your posts…and found this last one to be of particular interest…am so very happy for the two of you and this life travelers thing you have put together!!! I pray that you continue to use all of these wonderful suggestions to get you through the days and weeks and months and years to come!!!!!

  • My happy place is fishing, I don’t have to catch anything, just being outside, away from the “world”, and the quietness, not knowing what is under the murky water, is exciting and very relaxing to me. Love the posts!

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