Top 5 Best Surprise Finds at Disney World

Welcome Back!

So if you are confused as to why this say “Welcome Back” make sure to check out our first set of amazing finds in Disney World here! To anyone out there who has traveled you know it is a fine balance between planning and being flexible to the new situation that change those plans. Sometime you stumble onto an amazing find and it becomes a highlight of the trip. These finds were not very busy (which is good when you are at Disney World) and were easily the high points of our trip. Here are our top 5 most amazing undercover finds at Disney.

Emily and Aaron posing in front of the Tree of Life
Alcohol Dole Whip
    This is the most amazing find. Deep in the heart of the jungle in the Animal Kingdom, of well the Animal  Kingdom Park,  is a little stand that sells Dole Pineapple Whip but with a special twist. Dark or coconut flavored rum can be added to your Whip for a small price. I have lived in Hawaii and been to the Dole Plantation and I am telling you that this is better. I got one of the coconut rum and pineapple Dole whip and it was one of the best treats on the trip.

Wilderness Explorers

Emily and Aaron posing with Doug and Russel
Doug and Russel!

    Also in the Animal Kingdom is the chance to be a true Wilderness Explorers. If you are someone who loves activities and adventures then this is definitely the adventure for you. In the front of the part are two of the characters from the movie UP! Then you receive your wilderness booklet in order to obtain your wilderness bandages. All around the park are badges given out by employees when you complete challenges to learn more about all kinds of information about the park. It is fun for all ages (especially with an alcoholic Dole Pineapple Whip in your hand) and really helps you see how much adventure is out there!

Agent P’s Adventure
    Moving away from the wilds of the jungle into the around the world in 35 minutes, we travel to EPCOT, and much like Disney’s Wilderness Explorers we have a new missions, co-name: Agent P’s Adventure. Want a super fun way to travel to 10 countries and act like secret agents along the way. I mean who didn’t want to be a secret agent as kid?

First you register your team at the beginning of the park and download the agent p’s app. Then you travel to different countries discovering the secret clues and secrets to help you SAVE THE WORLD.  You also get some prizes from different countries along the way. I’ve said too much, quickly let’s move on to the next one before this paragraph self-destructs.

The Great Movie Ride
    Did you grow up with the soul of someone who is 106? Let yourself be transported through time to the great films of history. With beautiful scene work and a love of all things classic this ride really made you relieve the travels from your grandparents and beyond. During this ride you can feel and enjoy the history that helped shaped films of today. If you dream of classic films, this is the ride for you!

Update: Make sure to visit this ride fast! As of now, they are planning to close this iconic ride in August of 2017. You can get more information on the ride’s closing and what will be replacing it here.

Mickey’s Philharmonic Orchestra

Emily and I posing with Daisy in Disney World
Selfie with Daisy

This hidden gem located in the heart of Magical Kingdom this ride had no line. In fact, we were almost completely alone in the theater but it truly was one of our favorites. If you ever wanted to visit Disney as a little kid this was the ride of your dreams. Disney characters from everyone’s childhood where there and it was hilarious! You transported with Mickey, Donald, and the whole gang as they tried to play with a philharmonic orchestra. This is an oldie but goodie and I hope it pulled at your little kid heart strings as much as it did mine.

So these were just a few of the great, not super touristy, spots and activities we loved in Disney World. Comment below some of your favorite rides at Disney World, or any other recommendations you have for surprises that make an amazing Disney World adventure! Stay tuned for more tips, tricks, and advice from two life travelers.